Tips for Moving Appliances

Some of the largest items you will have to decide whether or not you want to move are appliances. Depending on the condition your current appliances are in, what appliances your new home already has, etc. will determine whether or not you decide to bring them with you. If circumstances require you to bring them, you want to be sure you are packing them in the best way possible.


Step one: clean your appliances thoroughly. Moving dirty appliances is both inconvenient and messy. (Ever made the mistake of moving a freezer that hasn’t been defrosted yet?) So, this may sound like common sense, but make sure your appliance is empty! You don’t want to take toast crumbs or a leftover coffee filter with coffee grounds in it with you! Be sure to defrost, clean out, wipe down, and dry your appliances in advance so they’ll be ready to go on moving day. This will also ensure that when you move them into your new home, they’ll be ready to use.

Second step, cushion your appliances well. Wrap them carefully in drop cloths and secure those with rope to protect them from scratches and bumps in transit. Items like your coffee maker may need to be packed in a box with some extra padding. (No one wants to unpack a broken carafe the morning after they move in!

If you’re concerned you may pack something incorrectly, get Reliable Moving & Storage to do it for you! Our team of expert packers can make sure every appliance you own arrives at your home safe and sound.