Moving? How to Protect Your Stuff When You’re Gone

Sometimes in the process of moving, you have to take a quick trip out of town to hunt for apartments or attend a meeting for your new job. So how do your protect your home and your stuff while you’re gone?


1. Make it look like someone’s home

The regular appearance of someone still being home is a simple yet effective way to discourage burglars. Buy a light timer or two. You can find them at Walmart, Amazon, or most home improvement stores. You can set the timers to turn on a lamp or two at a certain time every day, so that it looks like someone is home. Thieves will assume someone left (based on your vehicle being gone) and someone else stayed behind (based on the lights.) Of course, if you’re not going to be out of town for long, you may choose to simply leave a lamp on with a cost-efficient bulb. This method will run your electrical bill up, though.

2.  Have a neighbor spy for you

Have a neighbor or relative come regularly to check mail, water plants, feed an indoor pet, etc. Not only will this deter potential intruders, but you’ll also have someone who can spot something out of the ordinary should anything happen. Better to find out sooner rather than later. Don’t leave a key for them under a mat or flower pot, though; these are common spots for keys and robbers look in those spots. Instead, give your “spy” a key to put on their key ring.

3. Be smart about security

Close blinds, lock every door and window, and put valuables in a safe. Don’t leave valuable items or documents by easy-access areas like windows and doors. Should anyone happen to attempt to steal some of your belongings because they’ve noticed you’re moving, they will reach for the most pricey item they can grab quickly and get out. If you have valuables packed in a safe or box somewhere hidden, chances are the most valuable item they’ll take will be something not as important to you or replaceable.