How to Maximize the Space in Your Storage Unit

Is your storage unit a black hole of disorganization? Because we see storage units as “extra space,” we tend to just dump things in them as needed. Not only does this make things harder to find, but it’s a waste of perfectly good space! Here are a few ways to maximize the space in your self storage unit.

First, pull everything out. (If your unit is already empty, you can skip this step!) Give yourself a fresh start.

Next, give each item a “home.” Furniture and larger heavy items should be the only things not in boxes or bins. Pack a desktop computer, for example, in a box with its cords neatly wrapped, keyboard, and mouse and cushion everything well with packing paper. Smaller items that aren’t fragile can be put into dresser drawers, and be sure to store cloth items with moth balls or cedar chips. Be sure to label each box or bin, so you know exactly what is in each container. Tip: get the same brand of box and a set of sizes for everything too. When all the boxes are Brand X and either size A, B, or C, it’s easier to stack them.

Now that everything has a home, create “zones.” Put large furniture items in the back of the unit. Safely stack whatever you can, like chairs with their seats together and lamps on a desk. Think vertical! Line either side of the unit with boxes stacked on top of one another. Make sure fragile boxes are labelled clearly and stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones so that nothing gets crushed. The most important thing to keep in mind is to leave a nice aisle down the center of your unit. This way, you can easily access your belongings, regardless of where they are.

Running out of room? Try to purge where you can, but if you need more space, just get a slightly larger or a second unit. Family heirlooms or memories we want to pass along to our children are important. Don’t get rid of something just because you don’t have enough space.