How to Make Moving Easier on Your Kids

If moving is stressful for you as an adult, can you imagine how stressful it is on your child? Here are some ways to make the process easier on them (and you!) as you move.


Set aside things that remind your child of home
Don’t pack blankies, favorite stuffed animals, or night lights. Children equate these things with home. You want them to know that even though some things may change with the move, the things they love most are staying the same.


Schedule a fun activity or two in your new home town
Make a paper chain counting down the days or give your child their own calendar to cross off days. This will give them something to look forward to instead of focusing on the move.


Stock up on easy meals
Stock up on things like mac ‘n cheese, frozen pizza, and grab ‘n go snacks towards the end of your move. Simplifying meal time will give you more time to focus on packing and spending time with your kids.


Even if your child is a bit old for naps, set a time slot each day for “nap time” for your smaller children to nap and your older children to read, draw, or do something quietly in their rooms. Not only does this occupy them but it gives you some uninterrupted packing time! Don’t be afraid to call on family and close friends to help with your children as well.