Friends vs. Pros: Who Should Help You Move?

If you’re thinking of moving by yourself, you should re-consider. Moving is taxing, whether you’re moving across town or several states away. Since there are so many aspects of moving that you have to do yourself, consider asking someone else to share the burden of packing and moving your belongings. Once you decide to ask for help, you have to decide who to get help from: should you have friends and family help you or should you get the pros to do it?

The answer is “both!” Friends and family can be a great asset when it comes to meals, babysitting younger children, and toting items you no longer need to the thrift store. However, it’s sometimes hard to tell family to “be careful” or to pack differently. Not to mention carrying heavy boxes is a lot of work to ask a loved one to do for free. So it’s best to enlist the help of a professional for the actual packing/loading up process.

Professional movers know how to pack things so they don’t break in transit. They know how to maximize space and how to make boxes just the right weight (so they’re not too heavy). They are also typically faster packers than the average person, because it’s their job.