Being a Good Neighbor Post-Move

It can be hard moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone. So the sooner you establish relationships with your new neighbors, the sooner you won’t feel so alone. If you don’t know where to start, simply introduce yourself. Things can be awkward at first, so if you need to, ask to borrow a vacuum or a cup of milk. Borrowing something can be a great “in” to break the ice. You don’t have to throw a housewarming party or need an elaborate reason to connect with your neighbor. By being friendly from the get-go and making the first move, you communicate that you are approachable and open to having an amicable relationship.

Going beyond introductions

Further down the road, depending on who your neighbors are, you may have established enough of a relationship with them that you feel comfortable giving them your phone number. This gives you another means of communication in addition to knocking on their door. At this point, it’s entirely appropriate to ask them to notify you of suspicious activity when you’re on vacation. Once you’ve developed even more trust, you could give them a key in case of emergencies. If they have younger children and you have older, offer to babysit or extend an invitation to use your pool. These are all great ways to reach out and be a good neighbor.

Lastly, keep in mind as you unpack to keep your driveway and porch as clean as possible. Break down unpacked boxes and bag up all packing paper that needs to be recycled or picked up. Make sure and put them out the day of trash day so they don’t blow into your neighbor’s yard.