15 Things You Shouldn’t Pack in Your Boxes

When you arrive in your new home, you don’t want to have to go shopping immediately or dig into your boxes on the first day in search for a necessity. So in the process of packing things for the moving van, it’s important to set aside a few essentials to use as soon as you arrive. Here’s some items you should pack separately.
  1. Clothes (pick out a week’s worth of shirts, pants, underclothes, etc.)
  2. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, razor/shaving gel, and a shower curtain!)
  3. Toilet paper
  4. Medications (perscriptions as well as over-the-counter pain and allergy meds)
  5. Phones and chargers
  6. Laptops and chargers
  7. Paper plates, napkins, and plastic ware
  8. Food/snacks (like water bottles, trail mix, and granola bars)
  9. Important documents (Gather the most important documents you own like birth certificates, car documents, marriage certificate, etc. in a small bin instead of packing them in the moving van. Utility companies, landlords, etc. often require certain documentation in order to start services and rent to you. Bring references from current employer and landlord as well.)
  10. Pet supplies (litter/litter box, pet food, leash)
  11. Tools
  12. Ziploc bags (various sizes)
  13. Towels
  14. Notebook and pens (for last-minute lists, signing paperwork, etc.)
  15. A couple movies, games, and toys (The first few days in a new home can be challenging for kids, so having a few entertainment options set aside will come in handy.)
It’s also a good idea to leave out an extra suitcase and a few boxes, for last minute items you’re still using, like the coffee maker or the laundry detergent. You’ll be grateful you planned ahead!